November 1, 2016

Pensacola Grande Hotel

Planning for the Future. Summit & Expo


The CONNECTED COMMUNITY HEALTH 2020 SUMMIT & EXPO, is calling for Sponsors that wish to engage in a partnership to support a game-changing community centric event in Pensacola, FL on November 1, 2016. The event will bring together local, state and national leaders in healthcare to discuss and drive change in healthcare delivery, accessibility, connectedness and population management that challenge communities across our nation.

The lineup of speakers include: An EHR Company CEO, Education professionals, data analysts, population managers, industry Leaders and healthcare providers

Attendees Include: Non-profit leaders, public health officials, ambulatory care administrators, physicians, CIOs, State of Florida agency directors, technology companies, hospital administrators, informaticists and payors.

Connected Community Health 2020 Summit & Expo’s mission is to bring together all stakeholders that make up a community to have meaningful dialogue to improve healthcare in America one community at a time.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to organizations that wish to make meaningful connections with attendees and the event speakers. The Summit will offer an array of opportunities that will fit any budget. All opportunities are customized to achieve the organizations goals and objectives.

For more information on the available opportunities please contact Summit Sponsorships: Ashley Spikes, 850-393-3219,